Popeyes chicken - Popeyes has the worst customer service!!

Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 5:05pm CDT by leia p.

Company: Popeyes chicken

Location: US

Category: Food

I want to talk to you regarding a popeyes in Austin, Tx. It is the location off of East Riverside. I went there after school on tuesday and ordered a #6 and 2 99c meals. They manager asked me to pull forward because it would take about another two minutes. I went and parked and ended up waiting about 30-40 minutes. I watched all these other cars come and go with a quickness. Finally one of the workers saw me waiting and came out and asked if i was waiting on an order. I said yes and he asked for my receipt so they could go make it. My boyfriends went back threw the drive threw and asked the last at the window why it took so long and to get our money back. She became really agitated and took off her name tag and put it in her pocket. She then started using profane language saying things like fuck you and you're an asshole. I asked for corporates number and they basically ignored me. One guy even in perfect english said " I don't speak english" REALLY?!? She then called the cops saying she was being harassed. Mind you my boyfriend never raised his voice or even cursed back at her. We left and came back Thursday night to talk to the manager. He was also extremely rude, wouldn't give us corporates number either and started yelling. He then threw a cup of water INTO my bfs open window. This time my bf called the cops on them but they changed the story to my bf threw the water on him. Please tell me how that's possible when the car was soaking wet but he was dry as a bone. Yea, threw water on him my ass. The cops asked to see the surveillance tape but he said they didn't have one. The cops said they believe us but nothing that they could really do. I would like to know why a company thinks it can treat its customers like this?? I have worked in customer service for 10 years and I have never treated anyone like this!! And i've dealt with some rude people. Popeyes has definitely lost my business, i don't want to eat at a company who thinks its ok to be assholes to their customers


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