Institute of advanced medical esthetics - Predatory school!

Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 8:20pm CDT by Iame s.

Company: Institute of advanced medical esthetics

Location: US

Category: Education

The review below is 100% accurate. This is one of those predatory schools you've heard about on the news. They take your money then kick you out and keep the money. BUYER BEWARE! You will NOT make it through the program. Go to one of the other schools in Richmond and enjoy your experience. You will not at this school!

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educated student I., 2014-07-12, 01:28PM CDT

Laura Todd accompanied by two of her attorneys from Troutman Saunders Law Firm went before the DPOR Board on May 12 2014 during a public, open meeting for a consent order which a formal disciplinary action after completion of an investigation by DPOR investigators Amy Chappell and Randy Brooks. There was sufficient evidence that Laura Todd/IAME was found to be in violation of several items. A consent order was signed by Laura Todd and it was voted on by the DPOR Board to accept it. The vote was in favor of the consent order, she was in violation of all the items in the consent order. Laura Todd's attorneys did use the 5 minutes allowed to request the consent order be thrown out, finding her not guilty. Attorneys requests obviously not considered and Laura Todd did not speak on her behalf.

To view the full consent order which is public and posted on the internet by googling keywords it can be found. Or copy and paste this link. Also you can go on DPOR of Virginia website going to "Townhall Meeting"

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