J.Ollikainen - Sony Horror Show

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 3:29am CDT by Janne O.

Product: Sony Vaio S model

Company: J.Ollikainen

Location: US

Category: Consumer Electronics



Siam Paragon-Petchaburi Rd. Bangkok, Thailand


Computer crash and have a blue screen after 2 hours first time usage

1 Extremely rude service attendant in(Siam Paragon) told me that this is caused by software problem-not the hardware problem and this do not concern Sony(computer broke after two hour usage)

2 After Long and heated conversation she rudely accept to take computer to Sony Service Centre to repair. After three days and ten-follow up phone calls I receive my computer back

3 Keyboard stop working after six month of purchase

4 After two days consultation and 5 follow-up phone calls, I need to take my computer to Petchaburi Rd. service center( One hour taxi Drive). Where I have been told to come back in one week again( I can not use my computer in one week???

5 I spend one hour in taxi to get to Petchaburi service center where I have been told to come back in after one week.

6 It takes Sony to one week to order new keyboard and install it

7 I spend one hour in traffic to get Petchaburi Sony Service Centre and wait in there four and half an hours until my computer was fixed ???? Total time spend in there six hours. Before I left I asked to talk manager. I was told that manager do not want to see customers. I insist and finally he came to see me. I ask him what happened if my computer break down again? "He told me that he personally guarantee that my computer do not break down again. On my way home I saw many angry customers yelling out loud in pure rage for the staff.

8 one week with out computer

9 Keyboard stop working again 19.5.2012

10 I called Sony Service Centre (21.5.2012 at 14:00 hours) and after waiting on line 35 min. Mr. Pachiwin answer the phone. He was really Rude and said to me "Hey What's UP??? He also told me that that I need to Go to Sony Service Centre Petchaburi Road to get order a new keyboard and I need to wait the new part 2 more weeks....TWO WEEKS? No Computer. I use this in my Business

11 Can I get my Money Back? Please I really do not want to do all these steps again?.. PLEASE!!!

12 After Several Phone calls Mr. Aswan give me a call on 23.5.2012 at 11:00 and promise me fix my computer on 24.5.2012. Since I do not receive any phone call on this day I call several times to Sony Centre and Mr. Cris answer the phone call. He confirm me now that Sony will fix my computer on 25.5.2012

13 On 25.5.2012 Hun Aswan call me back and said they can not fix my computer this day as agreed earlier. He however like to offer service in next day

14 Khun Aswan gave me a phone call and offer to my money back. I accepted and we agreed to Sony will pick up my computer from my home on the next day

15 Okay, Some action at last

16 26.5.2012Sony did pick up my computer from my home

17 Promising start, with more likely disappointment at the end

18 28.5.12 at 13:00 hours I call to Mr. Aswan to follow up my computer, he told me he will call me back soon

19 I did not receive any phone call

20 29.5.2012 at 13:30 I called to Sony and Khun Kris answer the phone call, I asked to talk with Khun Aswan, He said he will connect the call.. I waited a long time while hearing staff laughing on the background, they ask me to hold on and do this three times while laughing on the background.

21 How staff can treat customer like this??? It is incredible?????? I am so angry for this treatment

22 29.5.2012 at 15:00 Khun Aswan call me and told me that they can not open my windows operating system.(I told him if they can not do normal way, they can do it by step by step, by opening four screws in the bottom and they four screw more to dismantle the hard drive and then format in another computer(this takes total 10min(I know computers) then He told me that there is scratch in the computer outer case(magnesium case) and I need to come and fill forms for Insurance company to claim money!!!! I told that the first time I went to VAIO service they saw these and recorded and said they are minor cosmetic and do not need to take any actions(they recorded this) So after this he went silent and told me he need to take two more days to run test.... They just want to make life difficult since I have complained of the bad service... You know... I am still a customer.

23 What else I can do?

24 Sony service Manager have call me back and told me my computer problems are related cracks on a casing. I mention him," that this cracks were recorded and Sony service told me that the keyboard problems are not related these crack? Service manager remember this and told me" So What"? I remind him that the last time he told me personally- "He guarantee I will not have anymore problems with my computer"..(He remember this) and Replay" OKAY, I WILL PROMISE YOU AGAIN! and laugh long on the phone..... I have asked to talk some higher level person since I feel I have been treated so bad.. This Sony service manager tell me every time, "He will be the only person I will ever talk in Sony......

25 My Computer have been in Sony Service Centre eleven weeks now? I want my money back

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d168bfe8, 2012-08-02, 12:12PM CDT

Sounds to me like the first problem was, like they said, a software issue. They fixed it. It's not there problem you need a taxi and chose a busy time of day to drop it off. The keyboard, really, the keyboard. We've all owned a computer in our lifetime that seemed to be nothing but a headache. What you should have done, it put it up on ebay or Craigslist and moved on. I'm certain they view you as a difficult customer that they would rather not have, no wonder why they made it difficult. They wanted you to accept the fact that you bought a cheep computer and move on. I'm sorry if I'm being to direct but, some of this you brought on yourself. You get what you pay for.

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