Gaudin Ford Body Shop - Body Shop or Collision Repair

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 2:11pm CDT by f31aa056

Company: Gaudin Ford Body Shop

Location: 2121 E. Sahara Ave
LAS VEGAS, NV, 89104, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles


1) Creating Damage to my car and refusing to pay for it!


When an improperly attached trailer swerved and hit my front passenger side, I went to Gaudin Ford Body Shop on E. Sahara for repairs. The managers Matt and Brian seemed nice enough while on the phone and keeping me updated on the progress of my car each week it was there, however, I would NOT TRUST this body shop to do any sort of work ever again! I picked up my car with a giant crack on my windshield, which they refused to fix even though it happened at their body shop. Pictures from my insurance adjuster showed that the crack did not happen as a result from my collision and since my car was no where else but in the hands of Gaudin Ford's body shop employees it was obviously their fault. They refused to fix it saying that the insurance could've added it to my claim and had the other party pay for it. Really? Why would they make someone else pay for damages that they didn't do? Gaudin Ford Body Shop is Shady!!!

The next major thing that happened is that when I went to put my things back into my trunk (while I was still on their lot) I noticed that the floor to my trunk was sunken in. Curious, I lifted it up to find that my spare tire and tools were GONE!! Yes, they STOLE from me. The damage to my car was nowhere near the rear and so they didn't even have a reason to be back there! When I inquired about the missing materials, they only responded that their body shop was not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Yes, there's a sign in their body shop lot and it is in the contract you sign, but that is shady business. It's ethically wrong. They're a dealership, why would they need to steal a spare and tools from me? Shouldn't they have enough or can't they purchase more? I'm a college student putting myself through school and it's wrong to steal something that I purchased with my car from a Ford dealership. I will never do business with them again and I hope enough people will get my message in time to avoid anything bad happening to them. DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS BODY SHOP!!! They are unjust and immoral.

I don?t think that going to small claims court is worth the hassle but I hope enough people will receive my message in time to avoid damages as a result of dealing with such an unethical company.


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