A.L Construction - Scammer

Posted on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 4:02pm CDT by Ed R.

Product: Roofer

Company: A.L Construction

Location: 5609 Julie Ct

Category: Building, Construction

A.L Construction LLC pays John Paul Esparza under the table in cash to sell roofs. He prays on people that attend his church. He told me and other people that if we gave him the business we could save our deductible since they will cover it. After the work they do not wait for the payment to be process by the mortgage company to process the checks. The start to harras you at work and threaten you with attorneys when you cant do anything about the process itself. I was then told that I will need to pay the full about that included the deductible. These people are evil and they are know for doing this to other people. I was told that my roof ws going to be hand nailed and when it was started I saw it was being done with a nail gun. The owner Fredy E Dubon claims that it was the best way of doing roofs. I later found out that this was a lie. He uses a crew of illegal immigrants that he pays $4 and hours to do the job. I found this out by having a conversation with one of the employees. This company is a getting away with ripping off the insurance companies and doing faulty work with people with no education.


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