Progressive - Progessive stole my Money

Posted on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at 12:57pm CDT by 185de390

Product: Insurrance

Company: Progressive

Location: tampa, Fl, 33631, US

Category: Other

Bought Insurance Online for 2- Motorcycles with Progressive Insurance. Payed in full. One month later Progessive trippled the rate and sent me the bill. Reasons were, they claimed I was not a home owner however , I proved I owned 2- Homes with Copies of my Property Tax. Then they Claimed My bikes weren't inspected however, they both have up to date inspection stickers on them 6 months prier. They also Lowered the value of the bikes. After sending them many emails Proving there claimes wrong, they canceled one bike, took the entirer amount I payed for the year except $1.65. I only had this policy for 1-month. I canceled the other policy and they refunded $129.00 for 2-month of a full year policy. As a result of getting insurance from Progressive, they stole 90% of the money I payed for the full year for less then 15% OF COVERAGE. They Robed me Blind and they were laughing while doing it.


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