US Bank - US Bank has no sense of card security

Posted on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 at 2:46am CDT by d4b7d7f9

Product: Debit card

Company: US Bank

Location: US


Category: Other

This happened sometime last year. I had lost my US Bank debit card, so I called their customer service line and ordered a new one while canceling the old one. When my new card arrived, all of the numbers were the same: account number, expiration date, AND security code! Essentially, anyone who found my old card could still by anything they wanted online.

This is the part that floors me:

I called customer service again and explained the problem. Their response was "so what?" They couldn't even understand why changing the numbers mattered! I kept trying to tell them that even if they cancelled one card, the printed numbers are all you need to make online purchases, not the magnetic strip, but they thought I was crazy. Eventually, I convinced them to replace the card, but it was with an entirely new account number and they removed ALL of the benefits that came with the purchase of the original account.

Thank god I am no longer with US Bank.


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