Compare Super Market (Bodega) - Rude & Spanish

Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2011 at 3:00pm CDT by c458eec9

Company: Compare Super Market (Bodega)

Location: Apopka, Fl, 32712, US

Category: Other

While standing in Line I realized, but not for the first time mind you, the words spanish and rude are synonomous (sp?)..that means the same...I'm not being a bigot mind you, my Nephew is bi-racial so is my stepdaughter..I'm just being honest. Today I went to the Compare Supermarket to pay my electric bill, as I was standing in line I noticed a sign that read "Attention Customers: This is a free service, just because you were in line first does not mean you come first, our paying customers come first, if you cannot wait to be serviced there are other places you can go to make your payments" it just so happened I was at the counter, another customer was being waited on and no one was behind me, usually there's a line a mile long, not today though...hmmm wonder if that had anything to do with the it did!

My Wife was looking for a few things while I waited to make my payment..the guy in front of me finished his purchasing and it was my turn, I had already decided if he waited on someone else before me I would make my payment and we would leave, as it turned out as he was finishing up my payment, my Wife approached and there was still no one in line so I paid my bill paid for our items and we left...seems the spanish have alot to learn about customer service, in the good old USA it's first come first served..not if I can't keep your money in my pockets you go last...we talked it over and the first time we are overlooked our merchandise will be set down off to the side, I will make my payment and we will leave without buying anything...if they want to play that game I will pay my bill, and they can keep their merchandise..That's not the only time I have seen rude behavour in spanish people..I was in line at Walmart and a little old lady was struggling with her cart, a spanish woman standing beside her stood there and watched, but offered no help at all, she just watched, she saw why she was having trouble she just didn't want to help, or was too lazy, or too stupid, or too rude or maybe it was a mixture of all of the above...btw there was another spanish woman between us and she too refused to help. I stepped around them both, by then I was soo disgusted with them, I didn't bother to say excuse me I just pushed past both of them and helped that lady out, she said thank you, I told her she was welcome. I shot them both dirty looks, mumbled rude under my breath, but loud enough to be heard then went back to my place in line...that same day I went to another store and as I was pushing my cart toward a cashier a small spanish woman with four kids shoved her cart in front of mine, I stood there dumbfounded, I was stunned the cashier saw the entire thing, she shut down her register, moved down two lanes, opened another one and waved me over when I stepped up to the conveyor belt I realized she was not only the manager, but also american..Spanish people and also Indians (from India) especially the men have this false sense of news for you Florida is in the want to be cock of the walk, go back to your own country be it Spain or Mexico..Now, don't get me wrong there are some Spanish people who are very polite and helpful, I go to a spanish owned laudromat the man who owns it is very nice, helpful and courteous, his wife however is rude, and will just sit there rolling her eyes if she sees you need help..I worked at my old job with a shitpile of spanish men and women..they will sit and watch you struggling with a job, one that takes two to do...yet they expect me to help them when they need new job where I make more I had the same problem there for awhile, until I had a little chitchat with my new boss..he watched videotapes of me struggling and them sitting shooting the shit doing nothing to help and he put a stop to it real quick..I finally found a job that doesn't suck spanish ass and they insist their spanish speaking employees know, understand and speak english..that's rare in Florida...


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c458eec9, 2011-10-10, 03:01PM CDT

Think that's bad, the dryers are located next to the front door, they had one door propped open the other door was shoved to the side so the entry could be left wide open, this spanish guy instead of walking through the open door (DUH) grabs the other door and shoves it as hard as he could hitting my wife with the propped open door nearly knocking her down, she cried out in pain, the owner jumped up checked on us both to be sure we were ok, I was pushed sideways, but not hurt, my wife was actually hit by the door, the owner stepped through the open doorway and told the guy in spanish to go through the open door his response "oh ok" no apology was offered by him to us, he just walked in and made his way to some empty washers..the owner apologized on his behalf, me I wanted to go and put his teeth in his ass...he knows he hit my wife with that door he just didn't give a damn..asshole jerk!!

c458eec9, 2011-10-17, 02:39PM CDT

I have a good one for you..there was 3 of us standing outside a Chinese eatery, looking at the menu, all female..this chinese guy steps up pushes himself between us, actually steps between us and the menu, uses his shoulder to push us out of his partner lost her temper she told him we were there first he could take his superior attitude and go back to china..he stated in broken english chinese food, I snapped back united states citizen living in the U.S. we stepped inside and began ordering at the counter, he walked in behind us and actually stepped up beside us and began ordering over us..when the guy behind the counter took his order first we walked out..hope he ordered food for three!! WE WONT BE BACK!

c458eec9, 2011-10-24, 12:51PM CDT

We were in the laundromat last night...I can tell you we will never go on a Sun. night have no idea the sense of entitlement Spanish and even the black people have..we were there long before the place became crowded...our parking space was right next to the door..which was propped open again..we set out baskets on the first two on one side for me to use and one on the other side for my wife to use, when we returned from getting our laundry soap and dryer sheets out of the car, someone had shoved our things to the side and squeezed two large baskets onto the table next to ours, I moved them to a empty washer loaded my clothes, set my baskets back down on the tables, grabbed two carts, one for me and one for my wife placed them next to our tables...then we went out to our car to eat and talk...while there a short chubby black lady came up and in broken english said she needed to use the vac could she trade places with us, we said of course..we moved our car she pulled in never touched the vac, instead she went inside and started up her laundry..that pissed us off...she lied to get our good parking space...then when we put our clothes in two of the best dryers, she stood staring at our stuff and making faces, there was also a short chubby spanish woman shooting us dirty looks, even though we were there long before her you could tell she wanted our tables, once again there's that sens eof entitlement..the black lady parked her cart of clothes right up against our waiting cart blocking our dryers..when we went to get our clothes out of the dryers we just shoved her clothes as far away as we needed to get to our dryers of course that earned us more dirty looks..while we were waiting on the rest of our clothes to dry we folded what was already dry, a spanish man went to get his stuff out of the washer, he reached for the basket my wife was still using, she waited until his hand was close enough to touch it then she just walked away with it, you should have seen the look on his pompous face...if we can't get to the laundromat early on Sun. then we will take our business to the closest American owned laundromat it costs more, but at least no one lies to you to get a good parking space...

4a29a959, 2012-06-03, 07:06PM CDT

.. people from Mexico are not Spanish, they are Mexicans...people from Argentina are not Spanish are Argentinians, and so on. I believe the complainer means Spanish-speaking people. Indians are not English but Indians. It is not polite to put together people from different countries and cultures on the basis of a language. In any case, this person likely has her roots in the deep south, so I would suggest her to move her ass back there. I am sure that there she will find the comfort and understanding needed to grow up. Hope this helps.

c458eec9, 2013-06-11, 08:08PM CDT

I take it you're not from Florida jerk off..this complaint is dead on..I can tell you right now btw I'm from Texas and we are overrun with spanish people too..and Einstein Mexicant speak english speaks spanish..mexican spanish duh..and who the hell ever said anything about Argentina and she said Indian ( btw India) they do speak broken english dicklick..tell you what when you work your ass off doing a job, while Jose next to you is playing with his phone and you get your hours cut while he gets all the hours he wants and needs and any and all overtime available..while your family does without then let's see how fast YOU grow guess is you don't live in a largely spanish populated area like Florida, Texas or Carlifornia..dumba**

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