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Posted on Friday, September 30th, 2011 at 9:12pm CDT by 20905d05

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My roundtrip flight GRU-MIA has been changed by the airline company. Now I have a big problem with the return flight: the longer layover and the fact that I need to be in So Paulo before 2 pm (as I'd be before the schedule has been changed), so I don't agree with the change made in my flight.

As the change of the schedule was the company's fault, I called LAN and One Travel many times, trying to sort this problem out, but what the both companies just did to me was placing the responsibility for the other company. The rude One Travel attendant Tina told me that I only had the option of changing the portion Santiago - Miami of my flight to the next available flight (at 10:55 am) or ask for a refund. The 2 LAN attendants Mayra and Marcela Verarvi told me that I had the right to change my entire flight back acoording to what was better for me, but the only one who was able to make the change was the agency. This went on and on since yesterday (making me spend a lot of my time) until the One Travel attendant Tina decides to put me on the line (and after that, just hang up on my face) with the LAN Miami attendant (with whom I could not speak to, just hear), who told Tina that I really couldn't make amy changes on my ticket. I called Lan again, this time talking to a Lan Pass department attendant, Marlin, and she explained to me that the reason anyone couldn't make any changes without a penalty fee was because Tina (the One Travel agent) led me to believe that I had no option but to stay with this 10:55 am flight, when I could have made other option, if she has given me all the options that I had (a job of the agent is to facilitate their customers' life, not let them lead with the problems), which were making the arrangements need to get a better flight.

The problem is that Tina made me believe I didn't have other option when I actually had and, besides that, even after confirming my flight, she made clear I could speak to a Lan representative and Lan could make the change for me WITHOUT ANY FURTHER COSTS.

All I know is that I've lost a lot of time, that I've got really mad and that each attendant gave me different information, what just demonstrates complete inefficiency, considering that my problem is still not solved. The company changed the schedule, so it's not my fault (I must not be affected) and I don't have to pay fees for something I'm not responsible for.

The attendants should be responsible for the information that they provide. It's certain that both companies should compensate me for so much trouble, wrong information, time loss and miscommunication.


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