Iking - Greenwich pizza: Kulang po kami ng piso.

Posted on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 at 8:44am CDT by 95e76405

Product: Greenwich pizza

Company: Iking

Location: Quezon City, Na, PH

Category: Other

One day I bought a pizza at greenwich, an Overload Pizza, double, for take out. As I receive my change, the cashier told me, "Kulang po kami ng piso." (We are short of one peso.) I nodded, and sit to wait for my pizza. Then the next costumer on the line also paid for his order and I heard the cashier again with the same "motto", "Kulang po kami ng piso." Every costumer received their change and and the same "motto" from the cashier. So I started to notice the pattern and examined my receipt. It said, total due, P 229.00, change due, P 271.00 and I received only P 270.00. I started to examine their prices and I noticed that all except two items had P 9.00 at the last digit of the prices. It is easy to say that we are short of one peso, and it is easier for costumers to nod. Hundred of costumers per day and thousands per week or month, there would be an inconsistency in accounting on Greenwich.

This is not so much a complaint, but expressing things I have noticed up there. I like Greenwich pizza of course. I just have a feeling that something is not right about the process and if whether it has legal implications.



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