Master Solutions - Cheating by Ranmeet Ahluwalia

Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 at 12:30am CDT by 264ec36e

Product: Financial Planning

Company: Master Solutions

Location: Dubai, AE

Category: Other

This man is a crook! Do not trust him with anything. He will befriend you and show his religious side with a picture of Guru Nanak and cheat you. Guru Nanak was a great patron of the Sikh religion who preached great principles so I fail to understand how someone can cheat in his name! He has conned many people in Dubai and if you speak to the security at Al tawhidi bldg where his office was, many people keep showing up. His dealing in finacial solutions gave him access to cleints funds which he has siphoned off. I'm sure there are police complaints against him in Dubai and he will never enter again.


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a61b929d, 2011-09-29, 12:54AM CDT

He has cheated many people here of their hard earned money. We are trying to trace him in India to bring him back to Dubai

4094f8c3, 2011-10-02, 09:07AM CDT

He planned himself nicely to fool people of their hard earned money. Staff, suppliers and clients have been cheated by him and he has suddenly closed shop and run away., If anyone knows of his whereabouts please place here. Many will be happy to track him down and hand him over to Interpol or ask Dubai Police to extradite him.

264ec36e, 2011-10-06, 12:43AM CDT

I do not know how such people can do business with a single minded proposition to con people. This is to warn eceryone not to deal with Ranmeet Ahluwalia who with his Dubai Company Masetr Solutions has cheated many many people and run away. Hope he can be brought to justice.

107c2455, 2011-10-10, 03:10AM CDT

If anyone knows of his whereabouts please post so that we can send this to the authorities to try and extradite Ranmeet Ahluwalia back to Dubai

264ec36e, 2011-10-15, 05:05AM CDT

Master Solutions was established especially to cheat many unfortunate people. We being one of them. Please if anyone knows where Ranmeet Ahluwalia is please post so that we can inform the authorities.

28d0d1d7, 2011-10-16, 02:01PM CDT

IF U WANT TO TRACE THIS MAN MAIL ME on [email protected] i can provide you the full adress

264ec36e, 2011-10-21, 04:06AM CDT

Pl post his details here.

264ec36e, 2012-01-08, 02:26AM CST

We too have been cheated by this man. Ranmeet Ahluwalia id a crook and shopuld not be trusted by anyone

264ec36e, 2012-01-09, 05:59AM CST

God help anyone dealing with Ranmeet Ahluwalia of Master Solutions Dubai. He has most probably fled to India to cheat more hapless people.

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