US Bank - Poor Customer service

Posted on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 at 11:47am CDT by d7b397e6

Product: Secured credit card

Company: US Bank

Location: US

Category: Other

I went to a branch office of US Bank in Reno, NV, Filled out an application and handed the banker a certified check for $500 for the secured credit card. I was told I would recieve the card 7-10 business days. 9/22 I had not heard a peep or recieved the card. I made several attempts to contact US bank with no response. 9/23 I finally got in touch with the secured credit card department and after straightening things out decided I'd rather have my money back than complete the application. I didn't like the way this had started out. I told the customer service agent that I wanted a refund. She told me it would be electrinocally refunded to my account by Tuesday. The money has not been put in my checking account and I called them back. This time a different agent (of course) stated that they don't do electronic refunds. She stated that a check was being mailed to me. I'm glad I found this out earlier rather than later.

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Gerald A., 2012-11-16, 10:07PM CST

I am A fried of John Grundhofer Former CEO and President of USA Bank

I was in a Branch of US Bank today In Indio which is in California inside a Ralphs store.

When Jack was CEO/President the employee's wore name tags. Anyway there was only one person on duty as the other employees left to go to lunch. I was having a transaction sent to me VIA

Western Union. Last week I had a transaction which took the employee only 5 minutes. Today this person I felt had no Idea what he was doing and took 15 minutes. I had to spell every thing out for him after I had filled out the Transaction report.

I was going to change my Bank again to US Bank but bot now.

Unfortunately Jack is retired, As I would have called him.

I know this may not resolve this matter but I got it off my chest.

Gerald L. Auker

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