Sun Motors(HMCL Authorised dealer) - HERO Motors - Service complaint

Posted on Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 at 11:05am CDT by 4ae0d7b0

Product: Passion Pro

Company: Sun Motors(HMCL Authorised dealer)

Location: Old Mahablipuram Road Karapakkam
Chennai, TN, 600096, IN

Category: Other

Dear Hero Motors,

I have bought my passion pro bike on Jan 2011.When I went to SUN motors, karapakkam (SO CALLED "Authorised Hero Motors Dealer"), they didn't take my bike for free service as I have skipped first three services, they asked me to pay RS 240/- instead of free service as told by SERVICE SUPERVISOR.This was the issue which I have faced on Sep 17th, I have posted this issue to hero complaint board and sent several mails to [email protected] last week.

Yesterday I received a call from Pushparaj from sun motors (karapakkam), I was informed that they will do the free service for my bike.So Today when I went to SUN Motors to give my bike for free service, the same service supervisor gave a different reason (i.e) the SUN motors is a sub dealer, for free service only Main dealer will do, hence I have to give my bike to Adyar motors for free service.

Based on the above incident, I have a couple of questions here.

1. Why did pushaparaj call me yesterday and told me that they will take the bike for free service. Did pushparaj is not aware of SUN motors is a SUB-DEALER.???

2. What is the Sub-dealer and Main dealer when it comes to free and paid services. The sub dealer can take the bike for paid service but not free service. Do you think the customer is FOOL?

I'm completely frustrated with Pushparaj comments, he told that he doesn't have authority over free service only service supervisor has the authority over the free service.

My simple question when my bike is just 8 month old which is within the coverage of free service as stated in manual book, who has given the authority to "SUN MOTORS service supervisor" to decide on free service over my bike?????

The Same question I have asked Pushparaj, he is unable to answer to any of my questions.I have to blame Pushparaj and service supervisor who has wasted my time.

In Short,SUN Motors(karapakkam)is degrade to HERO MOTORS service. I want to place this issue for proper enquiry and so that Pushparaj attitude towards customers can be corrected. Please help/assist him to act with more responsibility.

With these experiences, I will never buy/recommend to buy HERO BIKES. So that I can save few people headaches with these irresponsible guys.

Name : Anto Thomas

Mobile : 9791014503

Regd No : TN 07 Bk3619




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