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Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 8:46am CDT by 819350e1

Product: Gleamify Teeth Whitening System

Company: Gleamify

Location: 20-22 Bedford
London, WC1R 4JS, GB

Category: Other

I saw the advert on internet and I sent off, for the trial sample of teeth whitener costing 1.95 and was billed for a further 48.28, every month since I receicved a Gleamify (advanced teeth whitening system) of what I didn't ask for or want/need. Can I also add, I have never used this product, not even the trail sample, as I was going to wait until I finished my normal tooth paste, then I forgot about the sample and I kept receiving Gleamify and I wondered what it was when I got the 1st A5 envelope, so I didn't even open it till now, after checking my bank statement and Googling it to find out what I was paying for without my knowledge. In my eyes this it theft in the highest order and would appreciate if you could help me in get my money back and they can have there product back with pleasure (not used, touched). I hope you can help, as I have since been made reudundant and can no longer afford to pay for this product I don't need or want, as I am on Jobseeker's.

Order ID: 53009156.

Registered in Englad and Wales, Company Number: 5294475

Many Thanks

Calder Stapleton


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