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Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 4:19pm CDT by 4391ba76

Company: StarBucks

Location: every street corner.
H.B. CA., US


Category: Other

StarBucks has a serious problem?????????they don???t listen to us the customer!


Starbucks has a serious problem when I go to the same store every day, order the same drink and the baristas are making my drink their WAY NOW! I???m tired of paying $5. For a drink made their way and walking out of the store and throwing it in the TRASH and I???m REALLY TIRED of complaining. And today ???..ditto???.not made correctly and in the trash AGAIN.

Corp. america, they cry when profits are down, yet they???re too good to listen to us.

BACK???.to Dunkin Donuts???.customer friendly and no hassles.


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