Laundromat - Rude Rude Rude

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 3:30pm CDT by c458eec9

Company: Laundromat

Location: Rock Springs Road next to Circle K
Apopka, Fl, 32712, US

Category: Other

Why are spanish and black people soo damn rude, Yesterday we went to the laundromat they only have 5 tables 4 double and one small single table..we found a empty double table set our baskets down, loaded our washers and went outside to relax, we later returned and a black lady parked her fat ass in front of our washers and began folding her clothes she even moved our stuff down one table, then she acted as if WE were putting HER out when she had to move so we could collect our wet clothes, we loaded them into two dryers and again went outside to relax, when we again returned we found our stuff moved to the small table, a spanish couple with a baby took over the 4 large tables, they just moved our stuff like it was their right to do the meantime a black man proceeded to shove our stuff to one side set his basket down and walk out, I picked up his basket set it on a out of order washer and began trying to fold our dry clothing on the little table, in the meantime the spanish couple has their food and drinks sitting on one table, their baby on another their dry folded clothes in a basket on another and he was using half of the 4th table to fold the clothes while she leaned across the other side of the table stuffing her fat squat the meantime the black lady and I use that term shooting us dirty looks as she's folding her clothes...the spanish couple as if being rude isn't bad enough does something majorly stupid, both the husband and wife leave the baby sitting in her carseat on the table while they load their clothes in their car, oh she did have enough sense to take her purse and diaper bag...what an idiot, she left that baby alone with 5 total strangers...rude and stupid which is worse??


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c458eec9, 2011-09-30, 02:06PM CDT

Think that's bad I went into a Bodega today..and there's a sign "This is a free service, it does not matter if you are here first our paying customers come first, if you cannot wait to be serviced there are other places where you can go to make your payment" so they are saying if I'm next in line they will wait on someone behind me who is buying something..before I get to make my bill I read that sign, my Partner was picking out some things while I waited in line, just as she approached me to hand me our purchases a Spanish man pushed past me set his merchandise down he was waited on then left then the clerk turned toward me I handed him my bill made my payment he reached for my merchandise I handed it to my Wife said we will do our buying elsewhere these rude sobs wont get a dime of my money...hey Spanish, time to pay attention, in the US it's first come first served, just because we don't have anything at the moment to buy doesn't mean we wont be buying later, you don't over look someone who is standing before you paying a bill just so you can get your greedy little grubby hands on another customers money first..ever occur to you moron I'll be doing my shopping AFTER I Pay my bill..not anymore I'm taking my money somewhere else, I'll still pay my bill in your store, but my consumer cash will go elsewhere, that's the price you pay for being rude!

c458eec9, 2011-10-06, 12:32PM CDT

I filed complaints with both Dollar Tree which is owned and operated by Americans and Compare Super Market (Bodega) which is Spanish owned and operated..I heard back from Dollar Tree the next day, the Bodega never replied to my complaint and it's been over a week...rude rude f-ing rude!

c458eec9, 2011-10-10, 02:51PM CDT

Stupidity reigns supreme...we were doing our laundry when this spanish lady came in with two small bags not even half filled with laundry, she throws one or two things in three washers..poured over a cup of laundry detergent in each washer, started them up and walked away, five minutes later she does the same thing with fabric softener..then proceeds to pay another three dollars in two seperate dryers to dry maybe a handful of clothes..stupid and her money are soon if that's not bad enough they have about 10 $2 washers I have seen someone with not even a full load of clothes putting or or two items in about six different washers at $2 a pop, that's $12 for a load of laundry, then they seperate their *huge* (said with a great deal of glee) load of laundry in three dryers and spends about another $5 drying them...I spend about $7.50 doing laundry..stupid people, about $17...stupid stupid stupid with a great deal of rude and stupid mixed in...

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