Forever 21 - Horrible Service at Forever 21

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 6:20pm CDT by 3a922708

Company: Forever 21

Location: US

Category: Other

I went into a Forever 21 the other day looking to buy some heels that I needed for an event that weekend. I have difficulty finding shoes in my size and so when I saw these amazing metallic silver heels I was so ecstatic but a little hesitate because I thought they wouldnt fit. I tried on one of the heels and discovered it was a perfect fit which only added to my joy. I was so excited that I decided right then and there that I was going to buy them even though I hadnt even chosen the outfit for the event yet. I figured, there are many things that can go with metallic silver heels. So I got in line to pay for them. Unfortunately as I was walking over to the register, I overheard one of the workers tell someone on the register to go to the fitting rooms because they needed help. I looked over to the fitting room area and it was very chaotic, however since that cashier left, there was only one other employee and about 6 people in line waiting to pay. I was fourth in line and it took forever to ring up my transaction. In fact one of the persons behind me got tired of waiting so she put down the items she was going to buy and walked out the store. Frankly I was ready to do the same, but I couldnt have left those heels. Finally, as I left the store I was still overjoyed with my great find and was excited to start looking for an outfit to go with my shoes. I went into another clothing store and tried on some dresses. I wanted to see how the whole outfit would look together and so I decided to put on the heels. I reached in the bag, took them out and put them on. When I stood up I realized something, the heel on one of the shoes was crooked. I was so disappointed. So I went back to forever 21 to see if I could exchange them. I waited in the long line and finally when I got to the front they told me they couldnt do anything because they wouldnt be able to know if the heels were like that before or after I had bought them. I kept on insisting that the heels were like that when I bought them but I think the woman was just becoming more upset. After arguing with her more she said she would ask and see what was the best thing she could do. She came back and said that her boss said they could only give me store credit and not an exchange because they had sold out of those shoes awhile ago and the only reason they had been out on the floor was because their new employee had accidentally put them there after another customer had exchanged them after discovering the same thing I did. This frustrated me and I insisted that they give me my money back because this whole situation was their fault and I didnt want store credit because there wasnt anything in there that I wanted. In the end, I had to settle for store credit because they refused to give me my money back. I dont think I will ever buy shoes from Forever 21 or go to that Forever 21 again because of their horrible service.


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