Radiancy, Inc. - Fraudulent orders! Most DEFINITELY a no no!

Posted on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 at 12:44pm CDT by 56226348

Product: No no hair removal

Company: Radiancy, Inc.

Location: 150 Stewart Parkway

URL: http://www.trynono.com

Category: Online Shopping

On 9/16/11, I saw tv ad for this hair removal product and went on website to get pricing info (never noted it on ad):


It made me go thru entering my info and after I entered credit card info and still did not get pricing I closed the page, without any sort of confirmation on an order or authorizing an order. I immediately called the company and upon finding out the ridiculous price, I advised I was not interested. On 9/22/11 I have been sent this product I did not order and when I called to complain, I was told I had to pay for return shipping unless I agreed to try their product for 45-60 days__even though I never ordered the product or authorized any payment to be made at all. So buyer beware and I would not even LOOK at this product or use any of their products if they paid me at this point! Lesson learned never to enter any credit card info unless for sure you are to buy it as sites like this are dishonest and the second they get it, they process orders without confirmation or approval from the consumer!__Even when told specifically the order is not wanted. I guess they think they can bully people into trying their over-priced product this way but to me, that is a pathetic way to try to do business and I will never, in the future, use any of their products.


Bea Z., 2012-12-07, 02:20PM CST

I went online to check into this product. They make it impossible to just get information on the product and complete list of charges.

I entered a lot of information knowing that I could back out before completing order.

Once I discovered they wanted over $300 and you could make 3 installments.

After I read that part I made the exit and DID NOT COMPLETE THE ORDER.

Yesterday, a package arrived with the total order. I was furious. I called only to be told

if I did not keep AND USE the product for at least 45 days that all I could get back from my $104.00 was $89.00. Why??? They do not pay for shipping unless you spend over $300, use product for 45 days and then you can get a full refund.

Now, I have to return, pay more in shipping.

Looking for help on how to challenge this company and get a FULL refund.

ce351497, 2013-11-24, 12:38PM CST

I too am in a mess with my nono from this same place. I got mine off of ebay but it came from this co. and I am very disappointed. I know they will not fix it and I will have to accept the fact that there are crooks everywhere. I learned my lesson from this.

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