Cox Communications - Cox Communications Must Not Want Our Business

Posted on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 12:35pm CDT by 3226591c

Product: New Internet Service

Company: Cox Communications

Location: Phoenix/Tucson, Ar, US


Category: Other

We built our retirement home (pre-wired for cable/internet) in Green Valley, AZ, in 2005 & will be moving there permanently at the end of this year. Our home is located in a well-established subdivision with 144 lots. Probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the homes have Cox as their internet and/or cable provider. Of the 14 houses on our street, at least 5 or 6 have Cox, including the houses on both sides of us. Cox was offering an "online only" special for new internet service so we attempted to get ours set up or scheduled through their website. (We needed to get this done during a 2-week time period that we would be in AZ before heading back to WI.) However, we got an error message stating that they do not service our address (although the link in their website to states that the cable provider for that address is Cox!) We tried emailing customer service asking them how they could possibly not service our address when they service the rest of our subdivision. They couldn't tell us why but requested all kinds of additional info -- when was the house built, what kind of house was it, what was the name of the subdivision, what are the directions to the house, etc. We responded with answers to all of their questions & even provided them with the names, addresses & email addresses of some of people on our street who also have Cox to make things easier for them. We were told that they had to have their "Serviceability Department" research this & they would get back to us, probably within 72 hours. Didn't happen. (It has now been a week. No email response - no phone call.) We also tried calling yesterday & that representative told us exactly the same thing & requested the same info we had already provided via email. Also of note, the response to our original email did say that it could take "up to 21 days" if they needed to send a technician out to "survey" the area. (Seriously? 21 days? Is this still the Wild West? Are they sending someone down from Phoenix on horseback? Did I mention we're in a well-established subdivion with many Cox customers?) How can it be this difficult? The message Cox Communications is communicating to us is that they really do not want our business & we should just look for another provider. This situation would be comic if it wasn't so ridiculously pathetic.


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