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SCAM ARTISTS ALL THE WAY! The Beavers, who own Systems Holding, leased us their condo last spring for 6 months and everything seemed perfect! A nice couple, easy to get ahold of, and a reasonable lease we signed. WRONG! In the lease we added that after a walk thru of the unit, at the end of the lease, we would have 30 days to fix anything they noticed on our own. So The end of our lease came, we have the walk thru and everything was great! Even a neightbor who came to look at the unit to see the changes, mentioned how clean it was- but little did we know- a lot of BS was about to go down. 29 days past our move out date- and still no deposit returned. Mistakinly, we emailed them to see what the hold up was (After 3 other failed attempts to get ahold of) and they shot back all these rediculous bills(Mostly fake ones from their own company!)and receipts deducting over $1100 from our deposit! Excuse me, I didn't realize that a balcony had to be power washed for $600? This whole thing has been a scam. Well, now we are suing them and spending all the time we can out of principle to get back what is ours. We will never do business with these scammers ever again.

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4ff5e710, 2011-09-02, 11:14AM CDT

Condo Owner response: Interesting take on bringing two large dogs into our condo and letting them urinate on the balcony causing me to pay the owner below for cleaning their cushions and the getting a threatening letter from the COA admonishing us and getting notification of $ 250. fine---which fortunately we talked them out of. No charge for power washing the patio was included--these tenants are so desperate that they are making things up. The dogs scratched the back of the front door which will require re-finishing. I just recently took apart the vacuum cleaner that the tenants girl-friend claimed was broken---not the case stuffed full of dog hair---took my wife five cleanings to get all the dog hair up and we had to have the rugs and the carpet cleaned. On rug had to be cleaned twice and we took it out of the condo. This is coming from a man (38) that is dating a 22 year old college student (for whom it got the condo) for. Whose is taking advantage of who !!

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