honey baked ham - poor quality

Posted on Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 8:40am CDT by 367820b3

Company: honey baked ham

Location: Preston Road, Plano Texas
Plano, TX, US

URL: http://honeybakedham.com/

Category: Other

I have had good experience in the past with Honey Baked Hams and frequently send them as holiday gifts. I always serve one at Easter and Christmas. Never again. I ordered a 7lb ham for Labor Day and when I unwrapped it, it certainly didn't look like a ham..more like a small leg of lamb that was full of fat and not even the spiral slices were complete. The meat tasted old, even though I was told it had been prepared the morning of the day I picked it up. Save your money. I will surely opt for a supermarket ham in the future.


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