Service Star - Service Star Technician Lies

Posted on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 at 5:59pm CDT by 9617de78

Product: Air Conditioning

Company: Service Star

Location: 5710 Zip Dr. Unit #2
Fort Myers, FL, 33905, US


Category: Other

Service Star AC Techs arrived after offering $29.50 check up. the Tech showed me some scary pictures of coils that were full of algae and said my unit would not make it through the summer! they left with a payment of 29.50 and will never see another penny from me. I removed the access panel and video taped the VERY CLEAN shiny coils, I will say there is some rust on the frame that holds the coils but the algae was only in the bottom of the coil drip pan and took just a few minutes to wet vac out and I then sprayed the coils to prevent any growth. the reason I video taped was so I could show the owner of this family business what his Tech was telling people are lies. my quote was for up to $2,300.00 and $900.00 more for the uv light.

wonder if they will use this response for a Testimonial!

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93be2cc1, 2011-09-28, 08:21AM CDT

I apologize that you've had issues with our service technician. I have not received a phone call regarding your complaint prior to posting, so I do hope you contact us directly so we can resolve this matter. We show customers sample pictures of coil damage at times when we find certain types of damage and I regret that our technician did not explain this thoroughly enough. We hope to hear from you soon.

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