Aries Claim Service - Scam Outfit, False Repr4esentation

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 11:10am CDT by 44705658

Product: Homeowner Insurance Claim Adjuster

Company: Aries Claim Service

Location: PO Box 985 Apopka, Florida 32704-0985
Apopka, Fl, 32704, US


Category: Other

Ther do false representation, make false commitment,expect you to do the extra mile & they collect, only want the very easy claims, do not answer phone calls or emails after you signed a contract with them, basically on many ocasions damage your oprtunity to collect, do not want to release the contract are an irresponsible outfit.

They keep asking for time and don't do anything on the claim.


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f3b02a20, 2011-09-15, 12:26PM CDT

Are you sure about this. I hired them and they were fantastic. Was your claim denied? You stated they would not let you out of your contract, is that correct? I would like to speak with you. May I have your name and a phone number as If there is a problem I do not want to recommend them anymore?

9ab9e5c8, 2011-09-15, 02:41PM CDT

I hired Aries Claim Service and they provided excellent service to my family. They recovered 3 times more than my insurance company was willing to offer. They always answered the phone and e-mails in a very promt manner and I would HIGHLY reccomend them to anyone who needs help with their insurance claim!

0da50ab1, 2011-09-15, 02:47PM CDT

This consumer is mad at the wrong person. Due to the type of policy he carries there is no coverage provided for his claim. We can not help him. We tried every avenue to assist with his claim however there is nothing we can do if your insurance company denies your claim. We are not a SCAM! And never charged this consumer any money for our services. Further he has been offered a release but refuses to sign it.

Aries Claim Service has assisted hundreds of homeowners with COVERED claims and has provided sucessful results.

We work any claim, no matter how big or small / complicated or easy. However, your damage must be covered by your policy in order for us to do our job.

1c3b0ba1, 2011-09-15, 02:53PM CDT

I live in the Orlando area and hired Aries Claim Service for a pipe leak in my kitchen. ACS got me all new kitchen cabinets and new tile floor. They were very professional and courteaous and were there for me every step of the way. I have already reccomended them to my Neighbor who had a fire loss and she is very happy with them too. I do not know who posted this complaint but I think it is completely untrue and I would use them over and over again.

dc85f3a9, 2011-09-19, 11:12AM CDT

Your accusations are harrasing and false. Continued actions will result in a law suit against you.

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