Citgo - Rude Owners & Bad Gas

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 5:48pm CDT by c458eec9

Product: Gas Quality

Company: Citgo

Location: RockSprings Road Located at Entrance to Rock Springs Mobile Home Park
Apopka, Fl, 32712, US

Category: Other

The owners of this Citgo are Indian (from India) and have no business running a business..they barely speak engish, will attempt to cheat their customers out of money..I tried to cash in winning scratch offs and they tried to cheat me out of some of the money, they have also attempted to short change me a few times, but I always catch them..which makes them mad..another time I put gas in my car, a few minutes after leaving their location my engine began making odd sounds, I bought gas treatment for my car and refueled at another location and the noise stopped..which means they water down their gasoline...I have not bought gas there since, what has made me decide to never grace their store again happened just yesterday..I walked inside the store with a $1 in change, a $20 and 10 cents in pennies..I needed $5 and my plan was to buy something use the pennies for tax and get a $1 bill for the 4 quarters to put with the $4 I had with my bill money..I was told I owed $1.07 I was counting out the 7 pennies when the cashier/owner demanded rather rudely I give him my 4 quarters, he didn't ask me, he ordered me to give him my quarters, I informed him I needed a dollar bill for those quarters to put with my bill money and the rest would be spent on gas later on, he not only flat out refused to give me a dollar bill for the quarters, but he also handed me 8 more quarters a $10 and a $5 and two ones..he swore he didn't have any ones to give me, even though I saw him return ones to his register drawer..he looked me in the eye and lied...I snapped no ones right..I snatched my money my drink and announced I would not be back again..he was rude and has no business dealing with the public..I just want to warn everyone double count your change, ask for prices ahead of time and DO NOT buy gas there!!


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