Frigidaire - Frigidaire's Pathetic Equipment & Customer Disservice

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2011 at 11:05am CDT by 06d54b73

Product: Multiple Frigidaire Applicances

Company: Frigidaire

Location: P.O. Box 212378
Martinez, GA, 30917, US


Category: Other

Very simply. We purchased 3 Frigidaire appliances (frig, range, over range microwave) in May-June 2008. We purposefully purchased nicer levels of equipment so that we would not have additional costs of repair and replacement. We began to problems with them shortly after the 12 month warranty ran out.

The range is not repairable. It has a design flaw that allows anything that spills down the front of it to go to the inside of the glass door where it cannot be cleaned without bending the metal covering.

The refrigerator has had ice maker issues (and the repairman explained the many design problems with Frigidaire compared with other reputable companies). Along with paying to have that repaired it has several points where it is rusting in the freezer and refrigerator compartments. One of the drawer glides broke while holding lettuce and a few tomatoes telling me that they used inferior plastics in building it.

Finally, our microwave's magnetron died after less than three years. A magnetron is $108 plus the cost to have it replaced. We've had $99 microwaves last 9 years and still keep on running. Their product lasted about as long as a 12 pack of toilet paper in a dysentery ward.

All they have ever done or offered to do is write an email of apology to their "valued customer." They do not value customers longer than it takes to slide the credit card through the card reader.

Since we began to have these problems we have had so many people tell us the same thing about Frigidaire, while everyone else says, "I've had my ____________ for 9, 10, 15, 18 years and never had them repaired. Bottom line: DO NOT PURCHASE FRIGIDAIRE.


Ice Maker: $85 repair plus $100's of dollars in meat and groceries from icing up problems it caused AND nights awake emptying the freezer to chip away ice from the fan in the freezer.

Rack repair: $65

Rust in Frig: Irreparable

Microwave: Around $500 for new over the range microwave and the problems of installation


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