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Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 at 10:20pm CDT by 3758ea19

Product: dvdclassicsparadise.com

Company: dvdclassicsparadise.com

Location: online only
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URL: http://dvdclassicsparadise.com/

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Online service-Good selection old TV series, movies etc. Quality control stinks. 9 of 33 discs in set were defective.

No response after 6 Emails over 2 weeks.


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01639f55, 2012-07-13, 03:27PM CDT

What a rip off. We got the DVD series and found that it wasn't even the shows we ordered. Most of the CD's don't work. Its pirated movies the quality is horrible. Shipped from China.

Customer Support


TVDVD media is the company behind this scam. Read on them.

I called the billing company today and they say they will refund, doubt it will happen.

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