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Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 5:45pm CDT by fab6edb1

Product: reversal from my account


Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

on june 20,2011. I purchased 2 sets of dvd called "ergo proxy" from I never received my order from the company so I called my bank(bank of america) to dispute. I was then giving a temporary credit for $46.66 so they can look into this matter. Today september 13, 2011 I received a letter notifying me that my bank(bank of america) is reversing the credit to til today I never received my product and my bank paid I called customer service and they advice me that bank of america cannot help me further because bestbuyanime has provided proof that the item was received. I told the bank of america customer service that I have not received anything from them but she insist that bank of america cannot help me with this case. I told customer service that I will take my business elsewhere. She basically told me to have a nice day. Bank of america should investigate this case further and will see that I never received the items I ordered. I lost $46.66 because bank of america did not want to help me any further. People who read my complaint, please do not shop with the service is horrible and emailed response takes forever. I will no longer bank with bank of america.

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b64ae3c3, 2011-09-20, 07:59PM CDT

Hello, there. I am a operating manager of We are truly sorry for this inconvenience but I really want to help you for this matter if I can since we are not a scamp company. If you do not mind, can you please send e-mail to us again? We will do our best for your satisfaction. Thank you.

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