Fine Art America - Fine Art America Rip-off

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 6:41pm CDT by 74f918fd

Product: online posting of artwork for sale

Company: Fine Art America

Location: New York, NY, Ne, 10001, US


Category: Other

Fine Art America has Terms of Service that they do not follow. You post your artwork and pay for one year. If you get into a community discussion and anger them, they take down your work and do not answer email or follow their own TOS. Nobody answers and they keep your money! According to their TOS and User Agreement, they claim to refund your UNUSED money, but they do not. Avoid doing ALL BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY WHICH IS EITHER RUN BY IDIOTS OR VERY INEPT MANAGERS! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!


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54599acb, 2012-01-28, 02:23PM CST

I disagree wholeheartedly. I post my work, participate in discussions, and have enjoyed fairly decent success at Fine Art America. If I really worked at it, I could probably do even better. I've made enough to cover the annual fee of $30 for at least 40 years.

There are rules regarding conduct on the forums, and though I don't know who you are, there have been some individuals who have been removed because of very poor (to say it politely) conduct.

Fine Art America is a great place to host your work for POD services. And as buyer, they offer a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I know for a fact that works, from experience.

Harry T., 2013-01-17, 03:14PM CST

For all intents and purposes, Fine Art America is a SCAM. Yes, yes....they have lots of people on their web site who have a great time social networking. But that is really all FAA has to offer artists and photographers. In retrospect, Fine Art America is no different than any other flakey dot com organization from the early 2000's that has a very poor business acumen and no integrity. They have serious internal shortcomings at the product fulfillment level and a complete lack of comitment to their customers starting with someone named Dawn. This individual thinks she is a photographer and has serious deficits regarding appropriate business communications. It became clear early on that it was best for me to remove all my works from their site and close my account. If you are a serious photographer or artist with mission critical based client needs, do yourself a favor and avoid any entanglements with Fine Art America. Their internal shortcomings are not worth the hit your personal brand and business reputation will take.

e28d4f0b, 2013-03-29, 12:36PM CDT

Anything but fine! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pay for express shipping. There is no such thing as express shipping. We ordered a picture to be matted and framed then paid for express shipping so that it could be presented as a going away gift.

It is now past estimated delivery date and the item still has not shipped. The company does not answer their phone nor will they return calls: 312-238-9009. Was told via email yesterday, which is the only way they will talk to you, that the item would go out and we would receive it today. This would have worked however it did not ship and today is the recipient's last day. NO ONE has bothered to contact us to tell us why.

They won't even resolve issues with the BBB:

If you have a month or more to wait this may be the company for you however if you are under a time constraint I recommend you find a company who cares.

21a90cba, 2016-02-01, 01:56PM CST

How do I pay my premium account that expired??? Send $30 to who???

Thanks in advance....Dale

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