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Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 5:18pm CDT by f2317c07

Product: Home Mortgages

Company: Churchill Mortgage

Location: 4144 North Central Expressway, Ste. #600
Dallas, TX, 75204, US


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On March 10, 2011, I entered into an agreement with Churchill Mortgage to refinance my home. I chose this company because they were recommended by Dave Ramsey. The loan officer was really the problem, rather than the company itself, but ultimately the company did not own responsibility to clear up the issue.

The following is a brief review of my compliant:

1. I was told I could close in 4- 6 weeks. Of course this never happened.

2. After over three months of dragging this refi process out, and getting my loan officer to return my calls for updates, it just kept getting worse. It took a minimum of 3 messages and sometimes a call to one of the ladies in office, to finally get a return call. But no real updates except they seem to need more money and/or time.

3. I paid for a credit check - minimal fee, whatever they are. No problem.

4. I paid $150 for an outside appraisal. This was all that was required, so I was told.

5. Then I paid $100 to get a negative credit item off my report. Item was never removed.

6. Because it was not removed, I had paid another $400 for a full blown appraisal. They should had had the credit issue removed first before setting up the first appraisal.

7. Again I'm calling my loan officer all this time trying to get this deal done, asking him what else do you need from me. No luck there.

8. Finally, I'm getting nowhere with this guy and contacted the office manager, Jason Dixon. After a few discussions with him, he tells me the following:

I paraphrase - Since I had some people living in the house with me and they are paying some minimal rent, I can't refi the house a primary home.

He also admitted that loan officer I was dealing with, was trying to put a round peg into a square hole putting my deal together. (I'm thinking, Amazing I'm hearing this)

So he offered to give me a voucher to a nice dinner restaurant. I'm not sure why he thinks he's giving me anything, since I'm out about the $600 dollars!

Anyway, I told him I had disclosed to the loan officer during the refi process about the people in the house because I was out of the state doing contract work. But it turned into a he said/she said debate.

Getting nowhere, I filed a complaint with Dave Ramsey's company, but they never contacted me. So, I called them and I was able speak with someone. They said they would contact Churchill Mortgage, but would not intervene beyond that.

I've waited almost a month now and never heard from Churchill. So, since they are not going to make it right even after they admit mistakes were made, I'll file a complaint. I'm kind of disappointed with Dave Ramsey too, but I think he offers a great service still. No one bats a thousand!

The people that were living with me are now gone and I will definitely be using another company.


David S., 2012-12-08, 10:49AM CST

I experienced many of the sam problems you had. It was a nightmare that lasted four months before i finally just cancelled the thing. I have owned about 10 homes over the years and have dealt with many mortgage lenders. Never have I ever dealt with such an inept underwriting department as Churchill.

I can't for the life of me figure out why Ramsey endorses them.

Rockey S., 2013-04-21, 02:00PM CDT

I had the same experience with Churchill Mortgage as the two comments above. I have a credit rating over 800, my wife's credit rating is almost 800, we have no debt other than our house, and we owe less than a third of what it is worth. They had us pay for the credit report and appraisal up front which we wound up losing, then drug their feet from September 2012 to March 2013, and never even got close to closing. They emailed my employer four (4) times asking for the same information each time, and said they were worried about my application. They even asked for my 401k account number which I refused to give them. After my employer became annoyed about handling this four times, I email Churchill and told them to finish up the process with what they had, or deny the application as I was tired of the run-around, and concerned that they had involved my employer so much. They denied my application, saying I had bad credit and that I owed too much on revolving accounts. I have NO revolving credit, and owe nothing but my mortgage. In my opinion as a comsumer, if someone suggests Churchill Mortgage to you, run, don't walk, but run from that person. By the way, I also picked Churchill upon Dave Ramsey's recommendation. Never again. I have never been treated like this by a company in 59 years.

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