Itravel - Itravel 2000 does not appreciate long term repeat clients

Posted on Monday, September 12th, 2011 at 8:37pm CDT by 856a90bb

Company: Itravel

Location: mississauga, on, CA


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I purchased a trip with Itravel as I always have since 2005 and twice a year. I noticed that the price of our trip had dropped by $230.00 and so I called and asked if they would honor the price drop promotion and they said that I had booked 1 day early and it was 2 days prior to the travel dates in the price drop. I had pointed out that I have been travelling with them since 2005 twice a year and have spent thousands of dollars with them. The Sales Manager Angie replied that unfortunately due to the timelines that they will not do anything for me then she said what is it that I was looking for I said to even perhaps meet me half way or give us a credit for the next time we travelled with them. She said they would not do that and they would have to ask the travel agent whom I booked with to take the money out of his pocket if that were the case. She said that unfortunately it's like the stock market and once you book the trip there is no looking back. She then said that she would offer me the friends and family discount for the next time I travelled with them which is basically their bulk price before taxes plus thirty dollars and I said well if I booked in January at a certain price what would the savings be approximately she said probably not very much... like $10.00 per person. There is 3 of us. So really I felt insulted by this offer considering this is a $230.00 dollar difference. I am appalled by this so called customer care that they apparently offer. I informed her that I would no longer be booking with them and that I would be posting this online.She then said ok paused then said good bye.


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