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Posted on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 at 1:53am CDT by 22d5557f

Product: Reader's Digest and Reminisce magazines

Company: Reader's Digest

Location: PO BOX 6095
HARLAN, IA, 51593-1595, US


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Reader's Digest constantly sends me bills though I've paid several times. I thought I kept good track of my bills but when I thought to myself that this bill had already been paid, I went back through my checkbook and see that I've been billed and paid multiple times for this magazine subscription. I see on their website that they also are the publishers of Reminisce magazine, which I also subscribe to and am having the same billing issues with.

I paid for my subscription as follows because of their repeated billings:

2/13/11 Paid $24.98 for 1-year subscription

7/19/11 Paid $10.00 as special deal for 1-year subscription

9/1/11 Paid $10.00 as special deal for 1-year subscription

I wrote them to say that it appears my subscription will last until time and eternity. I also asked if this repeat billing is some kind of scam they're running or what.

I think this practice of theirs is especially confusing for elderly subscribers. I know when I handled my mothers finances she was having the same problem with them as well.


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1400caf5, 2011-09-17, 03:08PM CDT

Sure. . .RD does that all the time and hopes people have not kept track of their payments. They will also send out notices that say you owe them money and they are going to "protect your credit" even when you don't have a subscription with them. That's why I stopped buying their rag about 4 years ago. They are VERY dishonest!

c7761264, 2012-01-04, 02:45PM CST

I HATE readers digest!! They say that I opened an account recently and that I ordered from them..They showed me at one of their sites my subscription and a pic of my ordered magazine..They took money off of my disability debit card right before Christmas and refused to answer any of my emails..I was taken to their site by a 3rd party site and exited when I realized what had happened.Oh!before I forget..I received their magazine today and was instantly mad..and I think what hit me first was the size of the book! It wasnt even the one they said I had ordered! This one is a little bitty one and I have bad eyesight..I knew they were just screwing with me now! I called the number I found on google but of course everything was a automated..I listened to all my choices but none were to talk to a representitive...I want my money back but there are soooooo many locations and offices for them and none of them are about the right thing!

a1072e40, 2012-02-20, 10:48AM CST

The reason you get repeat bills is like my mother-in-law, she gets the duplicate of Reminisce because of being 100+ years of age and pays her bills right away, she is getting (2) each of every month. What a way to trick people. The last magazine she got had a free (8) months expiration notice in it and she asked me to check into it. I tried calling Readers Digest and was put on hold for over 45 minutes and finally hung up. Admit it RD, you are almost broke. I am sure that it is the calibur of workers they get today that cannot count as I don`t think they teach it in school anymore.

Elizabeth L., 2016-01-19, 02:39PM CST

I am trying to cancel my subscription to Reader's Digest. However, when I go to their website I am told that I subscribed through a different vendor and they can't cancel without their permission. How do I contact a vendor that shows no contact information on the magazine? I am afraid this subscription will go on forever.

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