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Posted on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 at 12:02am CDT by 99acd990

Product: Tax preparation

Company: Jeff Pickering, CPA

Location: 6533 Preston Rd., #300
Plano, TX, 75024, US


Category: Other

I would not recommend CPA Jeff Pickering of Plano, TX to anyone. During the course of Jeff Pickering preparing my taxes for 2010, I had received a call from a foreign speaking man who was an assistant that was the one actually preparing my taxes. I thought Jeff prepared them himself but found out he has assistants prepare them and then he "reviews" their work.

This person was from Pakistan I believe and did not speak English hardly at all. I had to call and speak with office manager Kristina to have her explain to me the reason the man was calling; very frustrating. I spoke to Jeff Pickering about this and he said he had received the same complaints from other clients. My guess is that Jeff doesn't have to pay this foreigner much as I really don't think anyone else would hire him.

I had also called and left several messages for Jeff to return my calls but he never did. The only time I was able to speak with him was if I called the office and he was not busy. He never once returned any of the several messages I left him


He did my taxes for the two previous years and charged me $340 each time. For the tax year 2010, I went in to pick up my taxes and was presented a bill for $500; nothing had changed to justify this huge increase.

I protested to the office manager Kristina and she lowered the fee to $400; still an 18% increase from the previous years. I told her that I should have been told up front about the large fee increase and I did not think this was right. The same forms had been completed for year 2010 as for the previous years with no increase in the amount work they had to do.

A couple of months ago I sent Jeff Pickering a letter regarding the overcharge on my 2010 taxes. The result from my letter was what I expected - no response. Apparently Jeff Pickering CPA does not even want to bother to take the time to respond to a client's letter.

There are other CPAs out there that I know return their client's phone calls and letters so I would not recommend Jeff Pickering CPA to anyone.


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