Crazy Daisy Horsens - Unfriendly door guards

Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 6:20pm CDT by 4f3b524d

Product: Club

Company: Crazy Daisy Horsens

Location: Horsens, Ho, 8700, DK


Category: Other

Hello, I would like to complain about Horsens local club "Crazy Daisy", not only they are giving free alcohol to people for purpose to drink them up, they are also very rude, witch is not too common for Denmark as a country. Actually I was there with my friends, I had a good time, and when I came out to refresh and some guys came to me and said that they need help, they needed 1 man to have full team to get in club, I had already been in so I couldn't get in with them, but they tried it anyways, I was just getting in when door guard said to me to get out. I asked him why - and he answered me with a question - do you think I am stupid? I was shocked, I was not trying to cheat, and when I tried to talk with him, the only thing he said was - go home, you're banned for tonight... I tried to explain the situation for him, but still he kept the idea of "great cheater" coming in their club. I went home of course, but I feel very unhappy about it, I feel like they have robbed me the freedom to enjoy my free time, I work hard every day, and I have only few free days, and they ruined them... I don't want to say that you should not go there, I just want you to be aware of these kind of situations, and understand that "Crazy Daisy" club door guards are not the smartest ones - no offense. TY, bye :)


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