USA Air Duct Cleaning - USA Air Duct Cleaning Complaint for USA Air Duct Cleaning Service

Posted on Sunday, October 9th, 2011 at 6:24pm CDT by 2fb08a03

Product: USA Air Duct Cleaning Service

Company: USA Air Duct Cleaning

Location: USA Air Duct Cleaning Complaint in Miami Florida.
Miami, Fl, 32710, US


Category: Other USA Air Duct Cleaning is one of the worst and most dishonest companies around. We wanted a simple Air Duct Cleaning and their brochure says $50 for this service + $10 for each additional vent. Well, from the moment USA Air Duct Cleaning came in the door they told us our a/c unit was filthy and needed $900 worth of repairs. We kept saying, "okay but just do the duct cleaning, leave an estimate for the a/c unit cleaning, and we'll call you back if we want the unit cleaned." Then 2 minutes later he comes back with "I just talked to my boss and you aren't going to believe this....he's willing to do it for only $700 because it's winter and business is slow. He's never done this before, you need to jump on this great deal." It was worse than anything from any used car salesman. I said no, so the technician threw a temper tantrum in our house, then cleaned the ducts for less than 5 minutes, charged us $120 for the "extras" and then said he really did need to get on the roof to clean part of the dryer vent but that was $70 extra. We said no and asked him to leave. Later that day, our air condiioner broke. The company refused to take responsibility and said it was just a coincidence that it broke just after they left. The manager said his technician told him it broke because the unit was 20 years old and in direpair. I found this odd because our entire housing development is less than 7 years old. The second company that looked at the unit said it did need to be cleaned but that it wasn't the emergency the USA Air Duct Cleaning Technician made it out to be. The 2nd guy cleaned it and repaired it for $150 total.


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