Target - Online Order

Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2011 at 9:42am CDT by 0f71633d

Product: Customer Service

Company: Target

Location: HOUSTON, TX, 77060, US


Category: Online Shopping

On October 3 I purchased a Bissel Steam Cleaner and Bissel Cleaning Solution on line. The total was $265.71 which was paid with PayPal. For unknown reasons Target split the order and maid 2 separate charges for $243.56 and $22.06 which they charged my PayPal account. What has happened is my PayPal account has been authorized for the $265.71 AND added charges for $243.56 and $22.06. I contacted PayPal and they said that Target was holding the account and I would have to contact Target to get the $265.71 released and put back on my account. After contacting Target Customer Service they said there was nothing they could do. So now I got to wait 10 days for the $265.71 pending amount to be put back on my account. Target has failed to cancel the $265.71 before they charged me separably for the 2 items. They have tied up my PayPal account with ALL the charges the original $265.71 plus the separate charges of $243.56 and $22.06 which have been paid.


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