George Brazil - Plumbing price gouging

Posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 11:32am CDT by 63638c2a

Product: plumbing repair

Company: George Brazil

Location: 3830 S. 38th St.
PHOENIX, AZ, 85040, US


Category: Building, Construction

We had an outside spigot break off a pipe due to rust. Called George Brazil from the phone book who advertised 7 days a week with emergency dispatch.

This was at 5 PM, was told he would be there in an hour, but took two. Informed us of a $125 emergency fee, which was fine. Proceeded to fix the pipes, soldering cooper pipes back together and replacing the turn off levers. This work took approximately 1 hour. We were presented with a bill for $819.39. you could have knocked us over with a feather for such a inflated price for 1 hours work and maybe $50 in material? We needed the pipe fixed since we were headed out of town the next day and I believe this company took advantage of us because of the nice area we live in, plus we are senior citizens and figured they could get away with it?

They advertise the best prices, if this is what other plumbs charge for such a minor repair, heaven help us. Just realize they are going to inflate their prices and take advantage of whoever they think they can get away with gouging.


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