Posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 1:16am CDT by 8c04a955

Product: XBOX

Company: Best Buy Co., Inc.

Location: 7601 Penn Ave. P.O. Box 9312
S. Richfield, MN, 55423, US


Category: Other

I had place an order on "" on 10-3-11 @ 3:54:19pm using a "pitch-in card" which is a gift card that allows friends and family to contribute to the card in order for you to save for a desired gift. My total purchase was for 156.22. I used my pitch-in card with a value of 49.45 and placed the remaining amount of 106.77 on my chase visa card. The order was completed but an order number was never populated in there system. After calling customer service I was told they had no record of the purchase. I quickly checked my chase visa account to see if the problem could possibly be coming from my end, and found that there were two charges for 156.22 and a single charge for 106.77 in addition the balance 49.45 was taken from my gift card. To date I have spoken with numerous members of customer service ( Sandra, Mary, Lisa, Kim, Nicole, Shelly, Alex (ext. 60008) , Otto and finally Lawanda(ext. 60004)) After spending several hours on hold with each representative, all have been unable or unwilling to help me resolve this issue. I have finally placed a call to there cooperate office in hopes of filing a complaint. I have now been told an agent named Jackie has been assigned to research my case. After not receiving a response after 48 hours I again called the cooperate office and was told Jackie is now on vacation. My expected time to resolve this seemingly simple issue has more from 24 hours to 48 hours then 3-5 business days, then 7-10 business days and now Im told it may not be resolved for 21 business days. At this time best has authorized my account for a total of 419.21 and caused a hold to be placed on my only credit card in addition they have refused to refund my gift card in the amount of 49.45 in a reasonable amount of time. The case number associated with my complaint is 90885274. I would appreciate an help or advise you can give in bringing about a swift resolution to my problem.


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