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Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 at 10:09pm CDT by 9e513f72

Product: Jenn Johnson

Company: Ink Hair Creations

Location: 18 Peron Crescent
North Lakes, QL, 4509, AU

Category: Other

I received hair extensions from her and after two weeks they started going completly knotty and ratty looking. I looked after them properly and realised after i got them that they were of poor quality. She was going to charge me $60 to get them removed and i wasnt going to pay her to remove something she had done so poorly so i cut them off myself. Now my hair is horribly short, the hair dresser that i went to, to see if they would remove them said that the wax is put in wrong and they have never seen anyone do it like that before. After that occured i received a personal Message from them on face book informing me that i had won there referral competion and had won a GHD hair straightner valued at $170. That was at the start of september. For the whole next month i kept asking when i would receive the hair straightner and the kept informing me in a weeks time. Then on October 4th i asked again when i was receiving it and she blocked me. She is rude, i dont believe at 17 she can be fully qualified. I have spoken to a lot of other girls who are also not happy with the hair extensions and when they have said something to her she has called them names and deleted the and will not issue refunds.


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e65637ad, 2011-10-31, 08:12PM CDT

What bullshit!! I've received hair extensions from INK-hair and they were the best I've had from anywhere. They put them in correctly and I love them! You are obviously just cheap and want your money back! For $200 , that's the cheapest I've seen ANYWHERE! They're normally 400-1600! And from what I've heard she is fully qualified and has her business registered! Your just scummy and the only reason that they can go ratty is if you don't look after them! So that's ovbiously why. And $60 for removal?? as if they're going to stand there for 3 hours taking them out for free when your the idiot that hasn't looked after them. and as for the GHD!? As if your gonna get it for free!!?? Just more proof your scum! It costs them money to get them in, and your probably just making up reasons to make them look bad, want any less of an excuse to complain!! I love my extensions, and I'm sure you'll find 100 others that would agree with me. I thought you said she blocked you!! So how did you get a message for her or for that matter add other people who dislike them!! I've had them before for 6 months and would get them again.!! A word of advice hunny, look after your hair, maybe wash it once in a while!!

4338e52b, 2011-11-02, 11:58PM CDT

Agreed! I love my extensions<3 they're still soft and lush, even after 3 months. So either your retarded and don't now how to look after them, or your trying to scam her business! All my friends have them too! And I haven't seen one person complain,! You are obviously just stupid and think you can get away with it when it won't work! Stop wrecking it for other people who could get extensions. There must be something seriously wrong with you for you to not love them!! Maybe you were using the wrong shampoo and conditioner... Or maybe you just never washed them at all! Like seriously!! I LOVE MY EXTENSIONS!!!<3

36895545, 2011-11-03, 06:58PM CDT

just becuase shes 17 doesnt mean shes bad at it. I met her myself and she was soooo nice to me. it may be becuase you didnt plat you hair every night or you were using the wrong shampoo; but you mustof done somthing wrong. becuase mine are fine, they are beautiful and i wouldnt take it back for the world. the prices are the cheepest i have ever seen, and its the best extensions ive ever had on my hair. so idk what you did, im just voicing my opinion.

Adam C., 2013-09-25, 11:17PM CDT

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