Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 at 5:02pm CDT by 1ce48235

Product: Comcast Business Class Internet

Company: COMCAST

Location: Philadelphia, PA, 19103, US


Category: Other

We are local small company in Rosenberg, TX looking for Faster internet service. We signed up with Comcast Business Class Internet that promised 22mbps

July 2011 - Service Began. Mid July and August - Service would be Constantly Interrupted and Intermittent connection. Call Customer service all they tell customers is "they are servicing the area" with no ETA or no way to resolve. You walk into the office next morning and the Internet is Down.

We attempted to cancel service because of Poor Internet service. WARNING: Comcast LOCKS you in a 3-year contract and if you decide to cancel they charge 75% of the remaining Terms. You have to request 4 Trouble Calls before they "MAY" consider waiving the Cancellation Fee. Senior Tech says there is "Noise" in the Line and does not offer a Resolution to FIX the Issue. Just leave's us in the dark about what to do next. They will not

admit that they Cannot Fix the Problem.

Calling is a PAIN over and over and Holding and Holding. As of today 10/4

service is still unreliable and unpredictable. We're glad we still have our

ATT DSL service that never had an issue, It just maxes out at 6mpbs. DO

NOT ORDER COMCAST. Bottom Line-Product Does Not Work so why Pay for a Product or Service that Does Not Work.

They are Unreasonable to New Customers and will not accomodate or Listen to your Story. This will be posted on Other Consumer Complaint websites and


Email Response:

I did receive your email. Comcast does not waive Early termination fees on

accounts, unless there are four trouble calls within the last two months. I

only see two trouble calls. I sent this to my tech support to see if there is anything else they can do to assist you with your trouble issues. I have yet to get a response. Please allow 24 hours to see if we can make it work for you.

I have Dealt with Grace Schroeder - [email protected]

800-391-3000 ext 2904024


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