IRobot - Roomba Vacuum defective, bad cutomer service

Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 4:06pm CDT by d03db03c

Product: Roomba vacuums

Company: IRobot

Location: 8 Crosby Drive
Bedford, MA, 01730, US


Category: Other

This is a complaint I filed to the director of customer service never got a reply or apologies neither acknowledgement

Mary Ellen

I submitted this to consumer affairs and very disappointed into how your company gave me the run around for several years now!!

All I ask was for my Roomba vacuums to work after spending $$

I work very hard for my money and with three kids it is hard to reinvest on something I thought would last me

I need to know if your company is taking the responsability of lettng me return this faulty systems and replace

I have had problems with IRobot systems and customer service for several years. I have bought about 4 different robots and all of them only worked for a couple of weeks to a maximum of 3 months.

IRobot does not have a repair center therefore they make their clients troubleshoot this poorly engeneered vacuums over the phone.

I have spent numerous hours going over troubleshooting and nothing was ever fixed.

They have gotten to the extend of sending me what I believe it was a refurbished unit that did not work either!!

All of this happened when I lived in California with my family.

I'm now in PA and after opening all the boxes from the move I found the bad roomba's and sparked the interest of trying to see if any of poorly made machines worked, after a full charge given one goes in to circles one goes really slow and so long....No carpet or floors clean as usual.

I called roomba Customer Service kept an open mind thinking that maybe I can exchange the four I have for one that works but now they are out of warranty and conveniently they only have records of what they wanted to keep with only one machine registered however they mention that one was sent to me in 2007!! I told them that it never worked so they ask me again to troubleshhot the unit and of course after using compressors to blow out the dust still never worked!! The unit is brand new!! why should I blow dust out of it?? Nonsense My case number is 111019-000030 in case someone wants to file a class complaint please let me know I see just by reading this post there are several hunfdreds maybe thousands of people with similar issues also the global directory of customer service name is Mary Ellen and her email is [email protected]

I will be willing to talk to an attorney if anyone would be willing to pick up the case and get new system to the people that have similar problems or whatever is necessary to do

Thank you


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