High Tech Dental Clinic - Botched Medical Tourism in costa rica

Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 12:04pm CDT by kimberly r.

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Company: High Tech Dental Clinic

Location: Just Outside of San Jose, CR, CR

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I went to Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo at High Tech Dental Clinic just outside of San Jose Costa Rica in feb of this year. I picked him because he seemed very nice and he guarenteed his work in writing. I was treated for some dental work and to have veneers put on all of my teeth. At first, I liked this dentist and even agreed to market for his buisness locally because I thought it was a good thing for Americans without insurance. Anyway, After my veneers were on, all of my teeth were still in pain and Doctor Coto told me it was from the grinding of my teeth and I was put on a liquid diet for a month. One month later I called Doctor Coto and told him that all of my teeth were still in a lot of pain, that I had been to several American dentists who all told me the veneers were put on incorrectly and made incorrectly. I also stated that I had the x-ray's to prove it. Doctor Coto told me to fly back to Costa Rica with the x-ray's and he would re-do my teeth. When I arrived back in Costa Rica, I told Doctor Coto to put zerconia crowns on instead of porcelain crowns because they were made by a computer and I assumed there would not be any mistakes for that reason. I also paid Doctor Coto an additional $450 because the material was more expensive. While on this 2nd trip, Doctor Coto used some type of plastic strip across rows of about 6 teeth at a time to be used as temporaries instead of doing them individually. All the strips were on much too tightly. Instead of cutting the strips off, Doctor Coto struugled for several minutes with bruit force until I screamed, at which time one of my teeth broke. At that point, he called in an endodontist by the name of marco Aguilar to do a partial root canal on me. Doctor Coto also stated that Doctor Agulair would finish the root canal the following day. I was then sent back to my hotel and within 20 minutes the novacane wore off and I was in horrible pain with 2 additional teeth. I then called Doctor Coto's office and left several messages with his staff stating that I was in God alful pain. I also left several messages on Doctor Cotos personal cell phone explaining the problem as well. Unfortunately, I did not hear back from Doctor Coto until the following day. The next day, Doctor Agulair took x-ray's and examined my other two teeth and had to preform a total of 3 root canals. After Doctor Coto put my veneers on, several of my teeth were still in a lot of pain. Doctor Coto told me that my teeth went threw a lot of trama from having the bad veneers on for an entire month, and it was going to take an additional month for my teeth to heal. The following month I still had pain in several teeth and I called Doctor Coto explaining that I would be going to dental specialists in America and that I expected him to have my teeth fixed again. After that phone call, I got the run around from Doctor Coto. I then went to several specialists in Florida for full examinations. I now have numerous medical problems. I'm left with cement stuck in between several teeth, I've already had two more root canals preformed in the U.S. and am in need of more. I have about 10 open margins ( the crowns are popped off the teeth ) and most importantly my bite is so screwed up that I now suffer from severe TMJ, I'm in constant pain, can't eat or speak properly and other medical problems. Also, I have been quoted $35,000 just to fix my bite plus thousands more that I need for additional root canals ( which I don't have ). At that point I felt pretty helpless and filed complaints on dental blogs and anywhere else I could think of. I also e-mailed the dental coleigo in costa rica and they sent me back an e-mail stating that my complaint must be written in spanish and signed by an attorney. At that point I hired a costa rican attorney who told me that if I tried to file criminal charges or a law suit on Doctor Coto that he would just bribe an official and make the case go away. He told me the best way to get doctor coto to pay to fix my teeth was to go to the dental coleigo because they had the ability to take a dentists liscense away. But, I first had to see a dentist in Costa Rica to examine me. I actually went to 3 dentists in Costa Rica, including one that was on the board for approved opinions to the dental coleigo. When I went back to Costa Rica to go in front of the board, Doctor Coto and his attorney, myself and my attorney were all in a meeting with several board members. The meeting was in spanish ( which I don't speak ) and after the meeting was over I was told by my attorney to sign a paper that was in spanish. My attorney told me that the paper stated that I was not to speak of anything that was said in that meeting and if I did it was considered a felony in Costa Rica and I could be sent to prison if I did. After the meeting was over my attorney explained that there was a law in Costa Rica which states that a dentist is not responsible for a patient if any other dentist touches that patient before a 4 year trial and if the first dentist is found guilty in a court of law. Because I had to have 2 more root canals preformed in America, it let Doctor Coto off the hook. In addition, there is another law in Costa Rica which states that no person is allowed to speak against the reputation of another person unless or until that person is found guilty in a costa rican court of law first. Again, that is if an official isn't bribed first. Because I filled out reviews and complaints on-line from my own home in America for the whole world to see about my dental nightmare, I committed a very serious felony according to Costa Rican law, and I could be sent to prison. It didn't seem to matter that I had plenty of medical evidence with x-rays, pictures and medical reports in my favor from 3 seperate Costa Rican specialists ( including one that was on the list for coleigo certified opinions ). I was threatened, scared and I got out of that country immediately. Doctor Coto has no intention of paying to fix my teeth that he screwed up so badly. What he did to me was completely neglegent and I'm completely stuck. Medical Tourism is a booming multi-billion dollar a year industry and literally millions of Americans flock abroad for affordable medical and dental treatment each year. I want my story posted to first expose Doctor Coto and also as a warning of what can happen to Americans who go abroad for any kind of medical or dental treatment and the legal aspects when something goes wrong.

If you like to see my entire story in more gory details - I'm on utube - you can either type in kimberly4064 or you can type in true confessions of a master criminal.

Thank you,

Kimberly Rogers


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