ATT - AT&T will rip you off

Posted on Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 4:03pm CDT by 3066b3ed

Product: ATT internet

Company: ATT

Location: CARY, NC, 27519, US


Category: Internet Services

ATT DSL Internet offered $19.99/month at the time I signed up while waiting for U-verse. I setup autopay with them and somehow I found out 3-4 months later they have been charging me $47.95. This is a criminal ripoff. I called two months ago to cancel the service and asked the rep how much i still owe them so i don't have to deal with them anymore. She told me my remaining is $47.95 to close my account. I paid and hoping that's the end of it. I was so wrong. I now got another bill for $63.63. So I called and explained to them why i got another bill. Lo and behold, the rep don't know but said that is the remain bill. It seems they're trying to get you back by doing this. The rep started to offer all sort of deals that they can't keep. I think they know your weakness because if you don't pay the remaining bill, your record will be bad :-( My recommendation to all of you is record your conversation with them because they don't. BTW, I'll stay the heck away from ATT.


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