Peak Perforamce seminars Pvt Ltd - Arrest Warrant Against Mr. Arfeen Khan and Mrs Sara Khan

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Arrest Warrant Against Mr. Arfeen Khan and Mrs Sara Khan

We at Catalyst Healthcare Pvt Ltd, has paid an amout of Rs.10,000,00.00 (Ten lakhs) to Mr.Arfeen Khan of Peak Performance to provide training program for our staff

members and business associates in May 2007. However even after receiving the above amount from us he never provided the

training program as promised by him and went on postponing the training events under one pretext or another by giving

lame excuses. Therefore in 2008 we demanded for refund of the amount paid by us. After several repeated demands

he issued 4 post dated cheques dated feb, march, april and may 2009. When the above cheques were presented for collection in our bank all the cheques got bounced and was returned to us with an endorsement "insufficient funds". later when

we approached him, he requested few days time to clear the account and paid one

lakh fourty thousand. But subsequenlty he closed his office and absconded and he was

not even available over the phone. In the above circumstances we were constrained and forced to approach the court with our grievance for refund of Rs. 8, 40,0000.00 ( eight lakh fourty thousand) which he is legally bound to repay us and now the court has issued a Non - Bailable Arrest warrant against Mr. Arfeen khan and his wife and

business partner Mrs Sara khan . Even after the arrest warrant was issued, we

approached and contacted Arfeen Khan via email and informed him that we are only making an attempt

to get back our money which we are legally entitled to receive and is not interested in going forward with the arrest and requested him to settle our accounts. But there was no positive response from his side and later he even stopped communicating with us

Now we are left with no other option other than to proceed legally against him and Police is now

in search of them to proceed with the arrest. How ever they have absconded are not available at their

residence in Mumbai.

Police is searching for them and they will be arrested immediatly on recieveing infromation of his wereabouts. If any one of you know their where abouts kindly let us know about the same as the same will behelpful for us to recover our money which is in his hands. We also came to know that he recently bought a Benz car and if

any one of you know the number of the car please let us know. We also came to know

from the Security man of his apartments that Arfeen is acting in one of the

Bolly wood movies and Sara Khan is working for TV serials . Please let us

know the production house details or promotional events of his movie if any one of you know about the same as it

will be great help for us to recover our hard earned money .( email us : [email protected]

thanking you

Kind regards


Catalyst Health care pvt ltd.




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