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Posted on Sunday, October 30th, 2011 at 6:04pm CDT by mad tenat a.

Product: nasty unfair land lord

Company: Alpha Lion

Location: 604 mellon street se
washington dc, dc, 20032, US

Category: Other

I rented an upstairs apartment that was nothing but trouble to me,i found the apartment walls and floors to be cheap and thin that sounds can go through and the floor cracked and squeek every time i walked,all i got were complaints from other neighbors and i complained back,the land lord threatned to evict me but i did nothing wrong,he took me to court and charged me with high court fees,i moved out to live with familly members and the land lord had my wages garnished,the lease i signed said nothing about wage garnishment and neither did the land lord,because of unconscent wage garnishment i sufferd lost of income falling behind my bills and familly obligations that i went into debt,the wage garnishment cut my finances so short i could not qualify for credit and was denied other housing opportunities leaving me stuck with familly and my clothes and furniture kept in storage...mad advocate


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