HTC / CITNYC - HTC EVO 3D with main board factory defect

Posted on Friday, October 28th, 2011 at 10:18am CDT by fce7061c

Product: HTC EVO 3D

Company: HTC / CITNYC

Location: 164 Madison Ave 6 Floor
New York, NY, 10016, US

URL: /

Category: Other

I live in Brazil, and have always dreamt about having an HTC cell phone. I loved the way it looked, the incredible technical features, and the Sense UI. However, here in my country, there aren't many HTC cell phone options, and they are outdated. When my father had the opportunity to go to USA, I thought it was my chance to buy my first HTC! I have searched in the Internet, and found a store in New York (called CTI NYC) which sold unlocked HTC phones.

My father went there and paid 639 dollars for my HTC EVO 3D. He simply took it out of the box, gathered all the accessories, and brought to Brazil. He had to leave the box behind because it was easier to carry and it would not be possible to pass through the customs with it boxed without paying taxes. On the other hand, if it is unboxed they know you are not entering with it for selling purposes.

When I got the phone, I started removing all the plastic protection and tried to turn it on. No response. I found it a bit weird, since all phones usually come with the battery a little charged. Then, I tried to charge it. A red led turned on. It was a good signal, it was charging. About 5 seconds after that it turned off, and then back on. Another 30 seconds passed by and it turned back off. And that's it. That's all my cell phone does. It does not charge or turn on. It just turns the red led on and off when I try to charge it.

I tried to contact the store, and they said I cannot return my phone, since I don't have the original packaging. I tried to contact HTC in Brazil, but they said I can only repair my phone in the country where I bought it. I tried to contact HTC in America, but they said I have to contact my carrier (which I don't have, since it is an unlocked phone). I just don't have any options.

I am deeply disappointed with HTC, who provides brand new top cell phones with these incredible problems (I heard from the HTC Brazil this defect is probably in the Main Board, and it is not uncommon). I am also disappointed with CTINYC, which sells unlocked sell phones online and are not being flexible with their return policies. They sold me a defective mobile and are helping me return it.

I would like to advise everyone that buying HTCs is a high risk operation, since many of their phones come with factory errors, such as mine! Also, do not buy from CTINYC. They are very helpful when you are buying, but when a problem occurs, they simply hide and you can't return or exchange your product.

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