Engineered Signal Systems - Engineered Signal Systems Indianapolis ripped me off for $2397

Posted on Friday, October 28th, 2011 at 4:40pm CDT by 47e28290

Product: Business Loan

Company: Engineered Signal Systems

Location: 8940 Kathleen Ave
Indianapolis, In, 46234, US

Category: Other

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- The owner of this company Mr. Thomas Johnson obtained a business loan for $2000.00 to be paid back in 1 month. After several months of lies and promises to pay back this loan, it was taken to small claims court, where a judgment of $2397.00 was obtained after the owner bounced yet another check.The check was written and he fully knew it would bounce proven by his text meassages. He did not even show up for court, not only once but twice. After turning this over to a collection agency, he agreed to make payments, but not only he did not pay, he gave a bogus e-mail address to the collection agency.

He has done the same thing to other places as well. A bad check was written to Avon Transmission shop, then he moved and could not be tracked down. In trying to put a lien on his bank account, it was promptly closed to avoid payment of what he legally owes. This has now been turned over to the prosecutors office for check fraud. DO NOT EVER ACCEPT A CHECK FROM THIS COMPANY EVER.

The owner has filed bankruptcy 2 times and also has had problems with the Indiana Department Of Revenue. Just a little background on this company if you needed some.


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