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Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 at 11:43am CDT by 424b2eb3

Product: collection agency

Company: Pinnacle Financial Group

Location: 7825 Washington Avenue South Suite 310 Minneapolis, MN 55439
Minneapolis, MN, 55439, US


Category: Other

This is a very unprofessional agency. They falsify records within their system. They speak down to all debtors and they lie to their clients to make themselves look better.

Call the source and complain to the following people who work at the location and can make a difference in your disputes. I got the following information from collection agents at company.

here are the really important peoples names and phone numbers at Pinnacle

Darrin Juve - office 1-800-341-9768, 952-996-0559 x1113 or cell phone 612-810-0416

Tony Michel - office 1-800-340-5927, 952-996-0559 x1106 or cell phone 612-805-9625

Mike Raab - office - 1-800-340-5925, 952-996-0559 x1105 or cell phone 612-805-9661

Steve Myers - office - 1-800-341-9856, 952-996-0559 x1014 or cell phone 951-491-9224

Eric Gapinski - office - 1-800-905-0345, 952-996-0559 x6000 or cell phone 320-267-8276

Pat O'Shea - office - 1-888-917-7655, 952-996-0559 x2127 or cell phone 563-379-4907

call them many times and even try their cell phone just like they call your cell phone


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