Carol Hemme - Crooked Horse Trader

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 at 1:57pm CDT by e3d237e0

Company: Carol Hemme

Location: 20583 State Route B
St. James, MO, 65559, US

Category: Other

Due to my age, I had to get rid of a lot of myhorses. I was very lucky to find one person to buy 8 of them, but I was very unlucky that I GAVE 3 of them to Carol Hemme of St. James MO. After she had only had them 4 days, I called her to say I had made a mistake and c ould I please have the 2 14 year olds back because I never should have given them away. I offered to pay all her out of pocket expenses, but she said no. I then offered her $900 if I could have the 2 14 year olds back, even though she had never paid a penney for them to start with and she could still keep the third horse. She still said no. This woman is a crooked horse trader and am trying to warn others to not do business with her. I know I regret it.

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922dbc2f, 2011-11-21, 09:33AM CST

I have done buisness with Carol Hemme for 10 years. I have found her to be honest and forthright to a fault and if she would not give them back it is probably because she is looking out for the best interest of the horses as well as the situation of the previous owner.(due to her health/age) If Carol Hemme has a horse she will take the best possible care of them(which is hard to find these days in horse owners much less people who buy and sell horses.) and she has purposed herself in finding good matches for her horses as well as good homes for them. She is not the bad horse trader this lady has made her out to be.

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