Citibank Credit Card Services - Horrible Service

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 at 6:35pm CDT by 7ee37282

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I have a credit card account with Citibank that I will NEVER use again. You may want to do the same if you have one, or at least never get one in the future.

Citibank penalized me for their OWN mistakes, and, what is even worse, REFUSE to admit or even acknowledge their mistake!!!

They FAILED to post my $1,300 payment to my account. With that payment I also happened to close the bank account on which my check was drawn, this $1,300 payment bringing my bank balance down to zero...should have been no problem, right?

About a week later, after checking online and not finding my payment credited to my account, I called and was told that they had not received it and that they WOULD NOT and COULD NOT cash it because I had entered only the last 4 digits of the account number in the Memo section of my check.

The Citibank rep told me to re-send my $1,300 payment, and assured me that, if the original check turned up later, they would simply return it to me. I wasn't worried; besides, since my $1,300 payment closed my bank account anyway, they could not collect a double payment...

However, as I later found out, Citibank ALREADY HAD CASHED my original check, a day or two BEFORE they told me they hadn't received or cashed it !!!!!

They cashed it, my bank paid it and closed my bank account - BUT CITIBANK FAILED TO POST IT !!!!! This clearly was contrary to what the Citibank rep told me.

Naturally, upon receiving my "replacement" check, Citibank posted it, correctly this time, but reversed it the next day because it bounced, since my bank had already closed my bank account with my original check that Citibank claimed they had not received or cashed!! Even then they still had not posted my original check which they cashed but failed to post.

I cannot begin to tell you how many hours and days I spent on this "disaster", but I currently have 27 pages of letters and emails, but which represent only about 1/3 of what it was. It took a month to the day, for Citibank to finally post my original $1,300 payment.

OK, that's bad enough, but finally it was corrected, even though Citibank in their email correspondence and letters NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED or ADMITTED THEIR SCREW-UP !!!

But it got worse:

A few days later, I tried making an on-line purchase, but I was DENIED !!?? When I called Citibank Customer Service I was told that "because you had a check bounce you are restricted from making such purchases for 90 days" !!!! ????

It was THEIR OWN DAMN FAULT, and they are PENALIZING ME ????????

When I called Citibank about this, the rep told me that I had to speak to a manager, but there was no manager available ???? The rep said I had to call back the next day !!!?? By then I was sick and tired of all this crap and sent them a message via their on-line message center.

Guess what? True to form, Citibank's reply was the same, denying their screw-up, blaming me for it, and refused to lift the 90-day hold !!!!

I then sent a detailed complaint to the Comptroller of the Currency, but Citibank has a "wonderful" and very self-serving way of NOT ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY for THEIR SCREW-UPS. As a matter of fact, they are EXPERT at doing this.

In their letter to the Comptroller they FALSIFIED the chronology of events, and made it look like I bounced the first payment and made good on the second payment !!! They still, to this day, REFUSE to ADMIT, nor at minimum, ACKNOWLEDGE, THEIR SCREW-UP, and then, to top it off, they MADE ME PAY THE PRICE !!!

The Comptroller has not responded after THREE of my "rebuttal" complaints, in which I outlined the CORRECT chronology in DETAIL, with DETAILED documentation and dates, with copies of front and back of both checks, etc., proving Citibank's twisting and their self-serving misrepresentations.

I have since then, on Oct. 13, 2011, submitted a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and I will fax them a copy of this complaint as a follow-up. I will also send Citibank a copy.

Such an experience helps one to understand better why "those Wall Street protesters" are out there. Citibank "has me by the throat", but I am now using Discover Card and two other MasterCard accounts. At least they won't make any more money off of me !!

Also, I just want as many other people as possible to know. Keep my experience in mind if and when you ever contemplate doing business with Citibank !!


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