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Posted on Monday, October 24th, 2011 at 11:49am CDT by 624bcbc2

Product: telecom service

Company: oneking telecom

Location: 151 front st. toronto ontario canada
toronto, on, ?, CA


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Oneking telecom or or is a big ripoff. I ordered a full system that was suppose to transfer the calls on skype. Finally I ended up with nothing but less money in my pocket. The ''supposed'' sales manager Tony Garcia, did not finished my order.. And KEPT my activation fees stating it cant be refunded.. but they did not activate nothing for me..

First you have to notice that the phone number 647-259-8695 which is the customer service number go straight to a voicemail.. quite weird for a telecom provider. Second if you email them it will take days before getting a answer.. after analyzing the webiste I realized it was totally a scam. they add some fake logo on the bottom of the front page like nationally ranked number one customer service/!^%!^!^? wtf is this a joke?? So finally after trying to get a hold on those guys I paid via paypal the activation fees and the monthly fees where not accepted by the seller .. them.. so I called paypal and they told me its a problem on onekingtelecom side.. I try to contact them many times with no sucess. So I made a paypal complaint.. After I made the complaint the same guy Tony Garcia tells me he wont refund me as I made a complaint.. so now I have to escalate the complaint to get my money back..

Zero professional , worst customer service ever, a big scam, dont use , avoid at ANY COST its the worst. If I can save at least one person to get this bad situation with this board I will be happy.

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320e01ac, 2011-10-25, 10:08AM CDT

ok well, you were informed that your monthly payment was failed, only the setup fee was processed succesfully.

you dint had time to sort your own payment issue, we responded to you the next day with choice of numbers (toll free).

you were impatient to resolve the issues rather making opening a case on paypal.

do you actually own this website? and hustle the businesses for living?

your order address and billing address is also different, you placed an order on 19th oct, we responded with a choice of numbers on 20th and your pbx + number was activated.

here is the email from paypal that were copied to you.

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 9:01 AM

To: OneKingTel-Peertel Comm

Subject: Payment Skipped

Hello OneKingTel-Peertel Comm,

We cannot process the following recurring payment. We will try again in five days.

Profile ID: I-SB4EY4E9AER9

For: Online Office Phone System PBX LITE 19.99$ Monthly

Date Due: Oct 19, 2011

Next Payment Date:

Buyer Contact Information

Profile Status: Active

Buyer Name: Steven Boucher

Buyer Email: [email protected]



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